Positive Perspectives of the Predicament of COVID-19


Although crises such as pandemic can inflict cascading disasters on a health care system, they can provide opportunities for the emergence of new types of potential and their optimal use and manifesting the best kinds of altruism and philanthropy. The COVID-19 crisis will undoubtedly entail great costs that are both economically and emotionally irretrievable; nevertheless, the present study seeks to highlight the new opportunities that are provided during this disaster and the optimal utilization of all capacities to alleviate this seemingly-terrible condition. This paper presents a brief report of the first weeks of the COVID-19 crisis in Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex (IKHC) affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences as the largest hospital in Iran with approximately 1200 active beds. In addition to lots of problems during the battle for maintaining the treatment quality in this crisis, a strategy was devised to mitigate the challenges. The positive perspectives during the fight with the predicament of COVID-19 in this hospital are detailed in the following nine domains.


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Abbaszadeh M, Allameh SF, Sadeghniiat Haghighi K, RaeesKarami SR, Karimpour Reihan S. Positive Perspectives of the Predicament of COVID-19. Adv J Emerg Med. 4(2s):e46.
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